The new move by private telecom companies in recent times has led to an increase in telecom services fees much more than before! As a result, many middle and lower-class customers are at risk.

They cannot accept this decision to increase the telecom tariff. Paytm, which is owned by One97 Communications Limited, has made an attractive offer on Mobile Research to relieve customers in this situation.

At present, attractive cashback can only be earned by recharging the prepaid plan through this platform. Paytm has informed that Airtel, Wi, BSNL, and MTNL users starting with Reliance Jio will also be able to take advantage of this offer.

Who will get cashback on recharge with Paytm?

To go into detail about the offer under consideration, it is necessary to mention the opportunity available to first-time users of the Paytm recharge service. If one decides to recharge the prepaid plan through Paytm for the first time, he/she can avail full cashback of Rs 15 by availing of the offers offered by the company.

Paytm Coupon

For this, they must use the promo code “FLAT15” while recharging. Also, users can avail of cashback of up to 1,000 rupees by availing of other offers. However, their promo code “WIN1000” should be used in this case as well.

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Note that mobile recharge through Paytm does not need to be charged separately from the recharge device. The organization recently clarified this.

Paytm Coupon

Users can win cashback not only on prepaid recharges but also on bill payments. In addition, by participating in the company’s referral program, one will be able to win a cashback of up to 100 rupees, the company said.

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While discussing the recent cashback offer, a Paytm spokesperson claimed that this offer would be particularly effective in saving customers from the inconvenience caused by increased recharge fees. So prepaid customers invited different companies to recharge through Paytm.

Meanwhile, for the convenience of users, the Paytm app has recently added some notable features. In such a case, advantages like 3-click instant payment or plan offers can be mentioned.

In addition, the respective application now reminds each user of billing costs and recent payment dates.