Google Pay Cashback Tips: In the last few years, the dependence of people on online or UPI payments has increased a lot. Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, digital payment systems are now the most sought-after option.

And when it comes to ordering, billing, recharging, etc., the most used digital payment app, which comes first, is Google Pay.

Yes! Currently, people’s dependence on Google Pay for UPI payments or online transactions has increased to such an extent that most of the smartphone users have given it a permanent place in their handset along with other applications.

Google Pay Cashback Offer

Tech giant Google’s platform is one of the most popular money transfer applications not only in India but all over the world. Because it can be paid quickly and securely, as well as cashback on account of payment or many other attractive offers.

However, users will notice that when you first start using Google Pay, you get tons of great cashback or rewards, but over time, the amount you get reduces.

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Many people do not understand why this happens. If you have any such questions then this report is ready to answer all questions.

google pay cashback offer

Actually, users often unknowingly make mistakes while using this application, which leads to such incidents. But today we are going to give you some easy tips, if you follow them, you will get the same cashback or reward as you used to get when you started using the Google Pay application, but you will continue to get the same amount. After a long time, it will not be reduced in any way. Let’s know the tips

Do not transact on the same account

If you want to get bumper cashback, you need to stop doing frequent transactions in the same account. As a result, the amount of cashback is gradually reduced. If you pay in different accounts, you are more likely to get good cashback and rewards.

Make small transaction

If you want to transact a lot of money in one account at once, then it is not right to do so. You transact by dividing the amount of money into smaller amounts. In such a situation, your chances of getting the desired cashback will increase significantly.

Do not transact without an active account

If you transact on an account that is used for very small amounts, ie almost no transactions, do not do any transactions on that type of account. Transact only on those accounts from which regular payments are made.

Do not do single-digit transactions

If you pay one point your chances of getting cash back or a reward are almost zero. Try to do a transaction of at least 100 to 500 rupees.